Jane Wood总统


Jane Wood博士接受了呼吁作为Bluffton的第10届总裁,从2018年7月1日开始。

“博士Wood has demonstrated success in achieving enrollment growth at several institutions by leading academic program innovation, strategic planning, alignment and visioning processes that moved those institutions forward, along with proven success in building relationships for public and private partnerships to broaden the school’s reach,” said Kent Yoder, chairperson of the Bluffton University Board of Trustees. “She is a committed Christian with leadership experience at both Catholic and Protestant institutions and a passion for social justice. We are excited that she was drawn to Bluffton for its mission, history and faith tradition rooted in peace and social justice.”

博士以前曾担任Marty College山的学术和院长副总裁,是桑顿,S.D。她以前的专业职位在威斯敏斯特学院,在宾夕法尼亚州新威尔明顿;公园大学和密苏里大学,墨西哥堪萨斯城。在坎德温市的Baker University,KAN。她在高等教育的经验包括作为职业教师,部门主席,学术院长和副总统的职位。伍德博士赢得了她的博士学位。堪萨斯大学英语文学硕士学位,以及密苏里大学英语文学学士学位。

“这是Bluffton University的生活中令人兴奋的时期,它将荣幸地建立beplay在线在已经到位和创新校园社区的实质性和优秀计划,以建立将为未来提供可持续桥梁的新计划,“木头说。“我将欣赏Bluffton的历史和良好的声誉,因为一个机构牢牢地扎根于文科和科学的理想,并受脑内诺尼特/ Anabaptist信仰的价值观。Bluffton的令人信服的使命,独特的历史和传统,提供了一个令人兴奋的未来改进和联系成功过去的机会。“



“作为一个在联合卫理公会教堂(以及我丈夫和我养出我们的两个女儿)的女性,我理解信仰的力量,因为它在个人生活中的共鸣以及它流入组织时,”木头说。“信仰是我自己生活中的核心,我的诚信是由我深化的精神指南针引导的。由于多种原因,我被Bluffton的脑诺尼特/ Anabaptist信仰历史吸引。As a trained mediator, I am committed to Bluffton’s restorative justice principles and understand that Bluffton has always been welcoming to students of all faith backgrounds and is committed to encouraging informed understanding and dialogue, core values that are in great need during this time in our nation and our world. Bluffton’s mission is both special and essential and why I feel called to serve and lead at this time.”